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European Strategies of Implementing ICT in teaching


Teaching experience and cultural exchange:

On this pages there will be posted information,conclusions and materials created after each of our meetings.
Here we have a link to:
-The program of the project meeting in Romania.(link)
-Meetings in Romania-materials-(link)
-The program of the project meeting in Spain.(link)
-Materials from the meeting in Spain.(link)
-Videos from Spain.(link)
-The program of the project meeting in Turkey.(link)
-The next steps - till the final meeting in Norway.(link)
-The next steps - till the next meeting in Turkey.(link)
-Videos from Romania.(link)
-Videos from Turkey November 2010.(link)
-Videos from Dissemination December 2010.(link)
-Programme for on-line audio-conference to improve Pheasant-Fazan.(link)
-Visit to Norway Programme.(link)
-Romanian Teaching Videos from March 2010.(link)
-Romanian Teaching Videos from November 2010.(link)
-Romanian Teaching Videos from March 2011.(link)
-Multilingual activity- Fazan(Pheasant).(link)

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