Teaching innovatively (with focus on ICT) and its impact on the quality of education


       The European community has constantly pursued the goal of interchange, cooperation and mobility in the educational process. The partnership aims at employing various approaches to provide a qualitative and accessible to everyone education, which is adequate to the requirements of the labour market and to the social and cultural context of the European dimension framework. In order to achieve high performance, competitiveness and entrepreneurial spirit, innovative teaching methods will be applied, mainly the use of ICT(Information and Communication Technology), which provide the opportunity to present the school material in an attractive, creative and up-to-date way.

     One of the resulting products  of the partnership- an educational E-platform- will grant teachers from all over the world access to free high quality teaching materials and strategies. Teachers involved in the partnership, and not only, will effectively discuss, investigate and use  student-centred teaching, games, and, above all, ICT, with many of  its possible applications. They will be encouraged to enrich their professional experience and continually acquire new techniques of teaching. Cooperation between teachers from different countries, of different school backgrounds, is a key element of this project.

      The partnership also aims to be like a study of innovative teaching strategies as we will also measure the progress seen in the students and the impact these strategies have on education in general.


- To improve pedagogical approach by providing high quality educational materials and granting free access to them

- To integrate ICT effectively in teaching

- To make teachers and students more aware of the European dimension of teaching by promoting and facilitating inter-cultural dialogue

- To enhance CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

- To enhance teachers and students' digital competences

- To foster the encouragement of developing more practical skills in students while teaching

- To improve foreign language skills of students and teachers